What is a Refurbished Device?

The devices we sell are sourced from large corporates who replace their devices every 1 – 2 years. These devices are rigorously tested and any faulty components replaced. They are only sold after confirming that they are in 100% working order.

You can expect a fully functional machine with minor cosmetic imperfections. These may include minor scuffs or abrasions or light wear on the housing, keyboard, touchpad and screen. The screen will be free of deep scratches, cracks or chips. For 99% of our clients, these imperfections are hardly noticeable, particularly since our business class machines are manufactured with durability and longevity in mind.

Our refurbished units ship with the following:

  • One year warranty on the device, 6 months on the battery, guaranteed to hold a charge for 2 hours of moderate use
  • Choice of Windows 7 or 10 preinstalled
  • All original OEM parts
  • Laptops are sold with original AC adapters and charging cables

Additional Options:

  • Hard Drives can be upgraded in terms of available storage and/or upgraded to solid state drives
  • Memory (RAM can be increased to 8Gb, 16Gb or 32Gb)
  • MS Office 365 can be pre-installed
  • Stylish laptop backpack available
  • A selection of skins is available to customise your unit

What are the differences between Business class and consumer laptops?


Business Class Laptops and PC’sConsumer Laptops & PC’s
Conservative professional designFashion conscious trendy design
Focus on upgradability & expandability in terms of storage and memorySeldom upgradable or expandable with regard to storage or memory
Higher PriceLower Price
Longevity: built to lastBuilt for a short lifespan: planned obsolescence
No unnecessary software – everything you need, nothing you don’tOften ships with bloatware
Purchased from the manufacturerPurchased from retail stores
Strong construction with durable materialsWeak construction with materials suitable for a short life span